Ascend Safe Fall Arrest System

Ascend Safe's hands-free Fall Arrest System provides personal safety on access ladders  in both vertical and horizontal planes with no need to detach and re-attach due to the continuous movement capabilities of the rope grab. Our unobstructive System is lightweight and resistant in all adverse weather conditions.

Why would you want the Ascend Safe Fall Arrest System?

Existing safety systems and/or safety equipment can be obstructive, slow and laborious and come with the following safety hazards:

  • Overreaching when rehooking carabineers/scaff hooks
  • Being unsecure until hooking on at the top of the access ladder
  • Hooking onto unsafe/uncertified anchor points
  • If using a single carabineer/scaff hook you are unsecure between hooking and rehooking as you climb

How can these issues be solved?

With our Ascend Safe Fall Arrest System!

End Result:

Peace of mind

No matter what height if a fall was to occur, the System should bring you to a complete stop within the 600mm standard for fall arrest systems in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4:2000

Technical Details:

  • Materials fabricated from stainless steel
  • Anchor certified by QSI Safety in their IANZ Accredited Laboratory on 15th June 2016 as compliant with (Fixed anchor devices) static testing procedures of AS/NZS 5532:2013 (Manufacturing requirements for single-point anchor devices used for harness based work at height)
  • NZ Pat. Appln. No. 727032 (patent pending)
  • NZ Reg. Des. 422395

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use my own harness?

  •    Yes, if it is equally or better fit for purpose than those provided by us

Can I use this to climb inside my silo?

  •    No

Do I leave the slider on permanently?

  •    No, it is best to keep it stored with the harness and lanyard in a dry place when not in use


How long does it take to install?

  •    Around ½ day per access ladder

Can I install it myself?

  •    No, the System needs to be installed by an approved installer

What does it cost to install?

  • The price varies according to the specific dimensions and design of the application the System is being installed on, as well as the location, and the number of Systems being installed in the same period. So talk to us about your specific requirements.
  • The initial installation is inclusive of the System plus the harness, lanyard & rope grab set.
  • Subsequent installations at the same location would typically require the System only.

Do you install ladders as well?

  •    Yes, we can. Talk to us about it.

Do you travel to the South Island?

  •    Yes

Can this system be used on other access ladder applications?

  • Yes, we already have variations for access ladders to silos, tanks and platforms and are happy to consider other variations for specific applications. Contact us to discuss this further.


Does the System have safety/compliance approvals?

  • Yes, the anchor has been certified by QSi Safety in their IANZ Accredited laboratory as compliant with (Fixed Anchor devices) static testing procedures of AS/NZS 5532:2013 (Manufacturing requirements for single-point anchor device used for harness based work at height).

What is the life expectancy of the components?

  • In general, the life of the components is dependent on the condition of the connection points to which the System is attached and how the System is maintained/used. The System will need annual inspections to access its condition.

I live close to the sea, does it affect the grade of steel required?

  • Yes, 316 steel will need to be used for better corrosion resistance
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Service uses

For any ladder climb requiring a harness for safety
  • Climbing access ladders on silos / tanks
  • Climbing access ladders to platforms

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Variations available for climbing ladders to platforms




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